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...understanding God's story

Imagine encountering a piece of art...a sculpture, a painting, a sketch, a tapestry...that suddenly brings the story of God, the stories of the Bible, to life. And enables you to finally, finally enter into that very same story with your own hurts, faults, dreams, joys.

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...discerning our story

Imagine seeing an already crafted piece of art, or, better yet, crafting your own...and in the process, better grasping the journey you have been on and all the reasons for it. Or participating in an interactive worship service or event that stuns you into comprehension simply through the act of seeing and responding.  

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...responding to god's call through our stories  

Imagine gathering as a community, sharing tales, and seeing the hand of God at work through all of them, across time, guiding, providing, protecting...and then gathering us to be the people whom God has called and created us to be. While we share all of that to those around us who desire to be in community as well.

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