There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
— Maya Angelou

individuals & communities

We all have a story to tell. Sometimes, however, we don't believe our tales are worth sharing. Or we can't figure out how to access them. Or we can't see or understand how they fit together. Or we only view them as a fruitless resource for discernment and direction. The same is true for communities of faith, groups of people who share a common belief, a common faith, and a common history, but may not see the past, present, or even future in the same way. Or even as something worth exploring.


Sometimes words alone can promote that belief. Sometimes, though, words need amplification, assistance. My calling is to incorporate art and visual imagery into the act of storytelling to help others recall those very tales, to learn from them, to share them, and to be guided by God through them. Specifically, I will journey with you for a time, teaching you how to frame questions to draw forth stories, to provide safe spaces in which to listen to remembrances, to discern how best to use imagery and art to enter more fully into those narratives, and to provide an avenue through which we may witness God at work. And then to share it with others. For every memory, every story, every experience is an opportunity for growth, for creating community, as we seek to discern the ways in which God has always been actively engaged in our lifelong histories. And how God continues to speak through them as we venture toward our futures.

seminars & retreats

Oftentimes, we need to remove ourselves from our daily stories in order to recall and enter into our lifelong stories so we may see God's providential hand at work in our very present. Seminars and retreats are ideal times away from our normal reality for God to craft, guide, reveal. They are also ideal times for communities of faith to learn how best to incorporate visual imagery with narrative in order to better discern who God has called and created you to be...together and in the greater community. These times away are specifically crafted to serve your community's need, based upon your individual story; as such, no two settings will be identical.